Rental Rules

United Kitty Friends - Rental Rules

Hello and welcome to the United Kitty Friends, a secondary KittyCatS! Marketplace.

We hope you will enjoy your stay and sell many of your KittyCatS at UKF!
While you are with us, please watch your land impact and be sure to join our group to be able to rez your cats and decorations.

To join the UKF group, copy any of the link below into your local chat and hit ENTER.
Click the link and join the group.


Land Impact

Touch your rent box for a prim count. Counted is the actual land impact!
So if you rented a 50 prim store, we talk about an actual Land Impact of 50.

TIP: Linking your decorations together might lower the land impact but be careful, sometimes it doesn't.
Especially when you try linking mixed prims like mesh, sculpties and normal prims.
E.G. Linking 10 normal prims might get you DOWN to a LI of 5, while linking 10 normal prims and 1 sculpt prim might bring your LI UP to 20.


Please make sure, that your decoration somewhat matches our sim design!
UKF has Festival / Concert & Shabby Chic as Design.

Outside Your Shop:
No MegaPusses outside your shop. (You can use our MegaPuss Stations)


Logo on your Store:
You must put a logo above your entrance, use the Shop signs locates there.

Inside Your Shop:
No Hovertext! Except on the back wall of your store IF you are NOT connected to a neighbor.
You are not allowed to use particles or glow in your decorations to prevent lag.

Renter Service

When you rent a rent box, you have the option to add Subtenants.
You could for example add an alt or breeder partner and share the store with them.
Your allowed LI amount will not change.
Contact our Rental Manager if you need some one added to your Rentalbox.


Renter Benefits

We have some Stations for our Renters they can be used within your allowed Land Impact with NO EXTRA COST!
United Kitty Friends - Renter Benefits