Bidboard Rental Info

United Kitty Friends - Bidboards

The current rental price of the bidboards is displayed on the Casperlet Rental Unit

To rent a Bidboard right click and pay the Unit

Step 1

Rent a board through the Casperlet Units in the right corner of the respective bidboard

Step 2 & 3

Setup the Torgon's Profiler
Setup the [CAT] Sale Register Mat

Step 4

Setup the STC Bidboard and Follow the Instructions on the Bidboard

Quick Guide:
To Setup this Board to Auction once Rented, click the Sign for your Tenants Menu.

Click on the board to set the desired Time

Click again to set a startbid for your KittyCatS (hit start Price and enter the Price you want bidding to Start at in the Text Box and hit Submit)
If you chance your Mind just click start Price again and Reset.

Once you are Happy with the Start Price Click for your Menu and hit Auction the Panel is now running and People can click to bid on your Item.

Once the Auction Time has run out you get a Notecard, also the Winner get a Notecard to contact you.

You can see on the Board the Name of the Winner and the Winning Amount.