UKF Auction Rules

Auction Rules for United Kitty Friends Auctions

Please make sure to put cats at least traits requested on the stage (show on the Rental Board) or new Traits.
You find on every Stage a Sign where you can see what Auction coming up next.
Also you can find there Infos if an auction not start or get covered by an other auctioneer.

Only one panel per owner (exceptions are breeding pairs or twins).
You may not setup Live Cats older then 60 days

You can only sell YOUR OWN Kitties (at least one grandparent must be yours).
If the kitten is an Breeding Project or an offspring of a starter (Special) you own and is showing a new trait, that qualifier for this rule as well.

An auctioneer will allow max 2 proxy cats per auction.
You have to contact the auctioneer or Assistant BEFORE you hand over any cats.

KittyCatS should be set up one day before auction starts.
By Setup End the Pedigree Profiler must contain the pedigree link of your cat + [CAT] Sale Register Mat have to be set.

We send you reminders on the evening before the Setup End.
When we write the LINE UP ADVERTISING and your cat is not setup,
we will RESET YOUR PANEL without refund and mark the panel as available in the advertisement.

Your cats must remain in 2D mode until the auction begins.
Do not set up cats with traits that are already represented on another panel.
Please make sure that your cat is not Set for Sale.
We prefer no duplicate furs but will make an exception if they are opposite sex.

We do not accept any sick or hungry cats. When setting up, also check to set feed on the sim.

Startbid of your Cats set in the Profilers + [CAT] Sale Register Mat

If you fail to clean your panel after the auction, your items will be returned.

After the Sale 10% of the Sale price goes as a Tip to the Auctioneer.
If the Auctioneer do a Proxy for you the Tip are 15% of the Sale Price.

The auctioneer has the last word and can also exclude cats from the auction.

UKF Team