A Secondary KittyCatS Marketplace

Hello and welcome to the United Kitty Friends,
a secondary KittyCatS! Marketplace.


We hope you will enjoy your stay and sell many of your KittyCatS at UKF!

Uni’s European
Brunch Auction

every 3rd Friday 2am SLT
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Uni’s UKF Auction

every 2nd/4th SUN 12pm SLT
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Carry on Camping
with China

every Sunday 2pm SLT
(except 3rd SUN)
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Dey’s Crazy Kitties
UKF Auction

every Sunday 8pm SLT
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UKF Patron Auction (Stage Lineup) | every 2nd SAT 12pm SLT,  1st & 3rd SUN 12pm SLT. 4th MON 8pm SLT
With your favorite auctioneer (no matter on which sim the auctioneer is otherwise active)

You want also a Patron Auction? Check the Stage or the Event Calendar for available Slots